Commercial Locksmith Services

When you hire a commercial locksmith from Absolute Locksmith, you can expect professional, courteous assistance in meeting your locksmith needs. With our extensive experience, reputation for excellence, and commitment to quality, you know you will be in good hands. Our commercial locksmiths have the ability to rekey locks, cut new keys, disable old locks, and even replace locks should they be damaged.

When you lease a new building for your business, or you have had an employee leave without turning in all of his or her keys, it is important that you invest in having the locks rekeyed. It is a very cost efficient and reliable process that essentially provides a new key combination, which makes the old keys obsolete and secures your property. It is strongly recommended that the locks are also changed on an infrequent basis to ensure the security.

Also, if your locks are aging, you may wish to invest in new locks. Newer locks are harder to break into, which results in the decreased likelihood of the business being robbed. This is very important, as critical documentation, software, hardware, confidential information, and other business assets need to be protected.

An important consideration when having the locks to your business rekeyed is that you will need to have all of your employees' keys exchanged for the new key. When you have the locks installed or rekeyed, you will have the option to have keys cut for your new locks. Have a sufficient number of keys cut plus a few spares in case you hire new employees. While our commercial locksmiths can cut new keys for you as needed, this is an easy, convenient, and less-expensive method.

Absolute Locksmith is a nationwide leader in commercial rekeying and we are here to solve all of your lock-related issues. We look forward to being your locksmith of choice.

Absolute Locksmith Commercial Services Include

  • Rekey Service
  • Hardware replacement
  • High security key locks
  • Master keying
  • File Cabinet and Desk Locks

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